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Cheap Website Design vs. Cheap Looking Websites

There are a lot of cheap website design options out there for anyone looking to create a website for their business. You can now purchase packages that let you design the website yourself with perhaps a little bit of guided help. Paying a lower price for your website is a definite plus, but what good does it do if you don’t end up with a great website?


Cheap Website Design Stress


As someone with a financial stake in the final product, you should pay close attention to how well your website is created. Being pulled into a DIY website scheme to save a few pennies now may end up costing you later on. Unless you have a decent amount of experience with making a website, the end result might not be as polished and user-friendly as it should be for a business site.

Advantages of professional website design

Although you may pay a little more to hire a professional web designer than you would if you did it yourself, the increase in price comes with a lot of benefits. Here are a few advantages you’ll experience when you choose the right professional website designer:

1. Better cohesion between your web pages

Websites are not just supposed to have great looking individual pages. The entire site should work well as a whole and have a sense of flow between the pages. This means having a definite theme that runs throughout the entire website, a consistent voice and personality, simple navigation, and useful information. Professionals will have the right experience and knowledge to put together a complete website that has proper cohesion throughout all the pages.

2. Excellent landing pages

All of your online marketing efforts (that includes SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, etc) are ultimately geared towards driving visitors to your website. The page that the potential customers land on needs to do a great job of drawing them in and directing them towards your products and services with minimal fuss. An effective landing page should look attractive, provide high quality and relevant information, and offer a clear call to action. A professional, experienced web designer can help you to make highly effective landing pages for your website that will work well with your online marketing efforts to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

3. Easy usability for customers

There’s little point to having a website if your customers cannot get around the site easily and find the information they are looking for. This has a lot to do with the formatting of your website, locations of buttons or links, and the actual structure of the pages themselves. Professional web designers have the tools and skills to make your website easy to navigate and simple to use.

Save Money on Website Design

Cheaper price vs. Cheaper looking

You might not like the sound of “cheap website design” because it could seem to indicate that the final result will look “cheap”. Actually, in the highly competitive world of website design today, this is not necessarily the case. Just because one professional or company charges lower rates than another, does not mean that you will end up with a poor result in the end. There is a huge difference between cheaper priced websites and cheap looking websites. Competition may have driven prices for website design lower and lower, but that doesn’t mean the quality has decreased!


Websites are at the heart of all online business activities, so it’s important to make sure yours is easy to use, great looking, and helpful. You may struggle to achieve this without the help of a professional website designer. Remember, you can still find cheap website design without sacrificing on the quality of the site you end up with.

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