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50 Annoying Business Phrases You Should Stop Using [Infographic]

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Your work environment can be hit and miss when it comes to your colleagues. It is what it is and it may not always be a win-win situation. You may have to move the goalposts to achieve empowerment and help synergise the work space together.


(Let us know if any of this makes sense)


It could be difficult though if you have a lot on your plate, so to get the ball rolling and receive thanks in advance you will have to get all those ducks in a row to be that real office game changer.


You can’t compare your co-workers like apples to apples, in which case it’s time to bite the bullet, put it on your radar and address that elephant in the room.


You may not have the bandwidth to reveal the Kimono but look across the piece and at the end of the day, the cascading relevant information and action will be a no brainer.


Going forward from here it’s best practice to touch base with your corporate values.


Reach out to them and take an idea shower together to see the helicopter view or even come down to reach the low hanging fruit before you all get thrown under the bus.


From here it may be hard to keep your eye on the ball but dive deeper, drill down and before you know it you will get the manager’s blessing.


See what we mean? If you have no clue what we’re talking about but hear these phrases all the time then read on as the following infographic runs you through 50 annoying phrases everyone should stop using today! Feel free to send this to a colleague who has the problem.


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