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How to Become the Ultimate Pinterest Warrior [Infographic]

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We’re all guilty of being a little bit envious of the likes of ‘Conan the Barbarian’ when he’s thwarting his enemy’s or ‘Xena Warrior Princess’ fighting evil. Who doesn’t want to feel like a champion warrior conquering all that stands in your way?


The battlefield that is Pinterest can seem overwhelming when it comes to optimising it for your business but with a quiver full of strategies you can be confident that your campaign will succeed.


With over 150 million monthly users, Pinterest has an enormous potential for business growth. To make it even better, content on Pinterest has a much longer lifespan compared to other social media sites.


Your Pinterest Kingdom can rule over all and it begins with a plan of attack. Set up your boards and start adding pins which will draw in your potential followers. Reward those followers to keep them engaged by connecting with them online.


Reach out to other successful kingdoms and join forces. Joining group boards can be great for this strategy. Two minds are greater than one, so expand your Pinterest networking by joining a niche specific group board.


For your pin to become a champion, it needs to be highly relevant and contain only the most crucial information. This type of pin will kick butt! It has to be long and narrow and includes details that are important depending on the pin. If it’s a recipe include the title and ingredients, if it’s a product include the price and a website link.


There is only one way to conquer and we think that’s by consistency. Be proactive in providing your followers with relevant and valuable content. Do this and your kingdom will reign supreme.


For the secret to becoming a Pinterest Warrior, read the below infographic!


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become a pinterest warrior infographic

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