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The 5 Best Social Media Practices for Marketers to Follow [Infographic]

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Whether you just booked your first client or you’re a start-up business with an interest in social media marketing, it be can tricky knowing where to begin.


Digital marketing has been around since the days of radio but now we’re marketing in an interesting new way: via social media. Although kids spend less time kicking a ball around outside, it doesn’t mean we have become any less social, we have just learnt to socialise differently.


Social media is huge and I mean like Burj Khalifa type of huge (if it were a skyscraper), you just need to know how to use it best in order to reap the benefits.


Let me start off by saying, dare to be different. There are a million and one ways brands have done it before but I say, why not be brave? Hit social media hard with a fresh new concept and an authentic voice.


Your audience will love you for it.


Brands will fear you because of it.


But don’t just take my word for it. Anthony Volodkin – founder of HypeM had something similar to say on the topic.


“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that”


We agree wholeheartedly.


Establish where you stand in the world of social media. Are you funny? Or maybe you’re the type to share facts. Even better, maybe you can present facts in a funny way. There’s an idea!


Whatever it is that makes you unique, learn to identify it and play on your strengths.


The following Infographic touches on the 5 best social media practices that every marketer should follow.


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Best Social Media Practices Infographic

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