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9 Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics [Infographic]

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What’s the point of writing great content if no one gets to read it? If you write, you’re a storyteller and you want to be heard. We want your articles to be read just as much as you do and there are many ways to make that happen. Let’s run through a few key points to start off on the right foot.


Take the time to really put some love and effort into your writing. The better quality writing you produce, the higher the chances are that you’ll engage your audience. So firstly, only ever publish your absolute best stuff!


A great way to get noticed is to share information with your audience that you know they are bound to find very useful. With 3.5 billion questions asked on Google daily, it is clear that internet users are looking to gain knowledge.


Make sure that your blog posts are search engine optimised to break through the noise on Google – that includes correctly naming your feature photos with a title containing your keyword. While talking about imagery make sure that you never forget to pair your writing with an equally awesome image that helps set the scene for the reader.


There are very supportive groups of writers online that are looking to grow their following (just as much as you) and are willing to lend a helping hand. Support other blogs by sharing their content and comment on their posts for increased visibility!


Lastly, make the most of the potential that social media has to offer for the promotion of your blog by sharing your content on the relevant platforms.


So if you have the perfect blog post that you would like the world to see, here’s an infographic to set you on the right track to doing so!


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blog promotion tactics infographic

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