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A Guide to Business Etiquette Around the World [Infographic]

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When greeting someone for the first time in Japan you wouldn’t give them a kiss on the cheek. Nor would you bow to someone in Italy. When it comes to globe trotting and interacting with people in business from different countries, a certain etiquette is required to help reduce the chance of an embarrassing situation.


Business interaction and meetings are conducted differently all around the world. A country’s history and culture have developed this long before you step onto the tarmac and into the meeting room, so study up on how to present yourself correctly.


For instance, a good old fashioned handshake upon first meeting usually does the job but too gentle could come across weak or too firm could make you look like a bully. A small hand gesture incorrectly executed has the potential to ruin things straight from the start.


Once you’ve nailed the initial contact, what to call them is next in line. The labels of Mr or Mrs/Miss are not used everywhere. You will gain trust and respect if you take the time to learn a little of their language!


Next, is that all important business card. Business cards make sure your brand is remembered and should always be presented. However, a translated copy will always go down in the good books and ensures it doesn’t end up in the bin.


Some business people can be very blunt and to the point, while others may prefer a more friendly or relaxed environment. The bottom line is, the general communication style & agenda of your meeting in a foreign country must be spot on.


No idea where to begin? The following infographic takes you across the globe to have a deeper look into what is considered proper business etiquette.


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business etiquette around the world infographic

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