Content Marketing Statistics 2017

Content Marketing Statistics 2017 [Infographic]

Content Marketing Statistics 2017 Intro

Where does content marketing stand in 2017?


Gone are the days when online marketing was about the sell, sell, sell. Yes, we said it. Maybe many of you are thinking ¨say what?!¨ But hear us out.


Yes, you want to sell – we get it – and you have the best product out there right? Well, if you want to stand a chance at convincing others of your product’s value they’re going to need to love YOU first.


Digital marketing is less about taking and more about giving.


Less about selling and more about offering content that your followers deem valuable.


We like to describe the art of content marketing as advertising your brand through knowledge. You can easily gain a client’s trust by simply showing the range of your expertise. They’ll especially love it if you are able to give additional content away for free.


People are likely to purchase via word of mouth if their friends have recommended a product. This is due to assurance. In the same respect, content marketing is gaining the trust of your audience which results in confident purchasing.


Some of the most popular content marketing avenues are blogging, social media marketing and newsletters. These are effective as they deliver information to your target demographic in creative, fun and easy to read ways.


Traditional sales methods used tactics of convincing someone to purchase your product usually under pressure situations (in the NOW). When a customer purchases from you through content marketing, their decision has been made without a push from you. They have heard your message, know your brand, done their research and decided to make the purchase.


Through content marketing you ultimately pave the road customers take to the finish line. The sale! Read on to discover more about where content marketing sits in 2017 and what trends we can expect this coming year.


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Content Marketing Statistics 2017
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