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9 Things You Should Never Say to a Customer [Infographic]

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To avoid a cranky customer, and we’ve all had one of those before, we’re sharing some handy phrases to save you from digging a deeper hole. When it comes to customer service, avoid trying to be right or shifting the blame – nothing could be more frustrating.


There is always a way to re-phrase a common sentence that will result in a harmonious resolution. The customer feels heard and you represent your company in a better light. It’s a win – win situation.


Handling a frustrated customer can be tricky, it takes a lot of patience and self-restraint but we the following tips should help you avoid escalating the situation.


Take, for example, the most hated word a customer doesn’t want to hear – the word no! Avoid it at all costs – instead, respond with an explanation of the solution you will provide.


Being detailed in your response and helpful goes a very long way.


You may not always be the right person for the job, but what a customer will really appreciate is your honesty and prompt passing on to a superior or someone else who is more suited to resolve the problem. Avoid making the customer feel like there is no solution.


It’s great to sound professional but make sure you don’t sound like a robot. The customer you are speaking to wants to know they are talking to a human that really hears what they have to say so always try to be relatable.


Want to become the best customer service representative possible? Then read on, the following infographic highlights 9 of the worst things you could say to a customer and ways to rephrase them that should help to diffuse the situation.


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