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38 Employee Engagement Ideas [Infographic]

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The uncomfortable silence in the office is enough to send anyone crazy. All you can hear is the tapping of keyboards, the odd whisper and the buzz of the fluorescent lighting. You only say hello in the morning and goodbye in the afternoon to the one colleague sitting beside you.


This type of work environment is going to destroy team morale quicker than a browse through #fitspo on Instagram.


It’s time to motivate your employees and create a fun workplace, worth working at!


Employee engagement and providing an enjoyable work environment is key to your team’s morale and in turn productivity. Get your team together for a team building activity to build professional working relationships with peers all the while having fun.


Great employers make for great employees and the rest is history. If you want to run that type of company, encourage your employees, offer them training to build their skillsets and always offer praise for a job well done.


No one likes a boss who is short tempered with them so make an effort to keep your patience and engage with your workers to make them feel like they belong.


Want to win the boss of the year award? Why not offer gym passes or mindfulness courses a part of the remuneration package. This tactic will have top ranking employees knocking at your door.


Small steps that make big differences is all it takes to create a positive change in your office environment and every investment you put into your employees you will get back ten fold.


So for all the bosses reading this, striving for more, here’s a handy infographic on how to inspire positive changes for your company.


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Employee Engagement Infographic

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