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3 Super Simple Ways to Motivate Your Employees! [Infographic]

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I’ve never understood a boss who micromanages every move, by the time you’re hired, you’d think they’d be pretty sure you are the right person for the job. If the recruitment process is executed perfectly then at day one you should have a very capable employee onboard – one in which you have a lot of confidence in.


So micromanaging isn’t necessary with the right candidate – if anything it’s just time-consuming for a boss!


A much better approach would be to delegate tasks to your employee that fits with their skillsets and is inspiring for them to work on.


‘Purpose’ is an example of Intrinsic motivation, as you will learn with the following infographic. Feeling like you belong and that your contribution matters helps an employee to feel job satisfaction.


“A satisfied employee is a productive employee.”


For an extrinsic motivation, we can look at ‘Money’. Yes it’s very rewarding and we all need to pay our bills but what actually makes us great employees isn’t just the ability to receive a paycheck at the end of every week.


We all have our thing. Some of us are creative and some us are numbers focused or very good with negotiations – but whatever it is that makes your employees shine, you need to motivate them based on that passion.


The below infographic teaches us that the motivational tactics of today are wrong and to really motivate an employee, you have to nurture the intrinsic cues.


The intrinsic motivations are the ones on the inside, the ones that really power us through the day such as job satisfaction.


Read on to discover more about the motivational techniques that apply to each type of employee and how they can be put into practice.


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Employee Motivation

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