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How to Get 1000 Instagram Followers in a Month [Infographic]

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Instagram has to be one of the quickest platforms to engage, connect and grow your following with. If done correctly of course.


This is mainly due to the use of hashtags.


To put it simply Instagram’s search works by making your content discoverable by the words you choose to include in your image caption, this is done through the use of hashtags.


Hashtags ultimately connect users to the relevant content they are searching for and in turn, connects your business to these users.


Super cool right?!


Instagram is evolving and branching out rapidly, offering many new features that now provide a deeper connection between user and brand.


The more Instagram evolves – the many more chances you have at connecting with your target audience.


A very useful platform for visual branding – Instagram is key to building your company’s presence online. If you can succeed on Instagram (and you will!) your leads are likely to spend an average of $10 more than a Facebook user.


Instagram is the ultimate social media platform that truly rewards you for being social. So get out there and start liking photos! Neil Patel will tell you that this very strategy helped him to gain followers quite quickly. To be exact, per 100 likes he gave out it was reciprocated with an average of 6.1 followers as you will find in the below Infographic.


When you play on Instagram – you really feel in control of your gains. It is a platform built to connect consumers with business and the bridge connecting the two is a short stroll to success.


There isn’t one secret tactic to help your account grow, instead, you need to use a combination of different methods. To help you out we have shared the below Infographic to guide you on your way to your first 1000 followers on Instagram.


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Get Followers on Instagram Infographic

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