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What’s the Best Visual Content for Your Business? [Infographic]

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What makes any one person turn on their computer, open a browser and search the internet? Content! And what makes that same someone an engaged follower of yours? Valuable content!


It can be tricky determining what type of content your audience will love but one thing’s for sure, no matter who your audience is, everyone loves visual content.


Why’s that? I’m betting it’s because we’re busier, have shorter concentration spans and we’re bombarded with content all day that something’s really gotta stand out for us to even take notice.


Knowing more about your audience is the first step – from there you can tailor the content you deliver to suit their preferences.


But that’s not all. Say for example your brand belongs to the fitness industry and you share daily workout ideas for inspiration, however, your engagement is not quite where you want it to be.


So you switch it up and start recording those workouts as a short 30-second video with bright coloured writing and upbeat music. Now your reach is through the roof!


You may know what your audience wants to see as a general rule but if you can’t tap into HOW they want that content delivered chances are you will go unseen.


It´s all a matter of trial & error and as you begin to experiment make sure you take note and evaluate what is and isn’t working. With this information you can begin to adjust what type of content you should invest more time into going forward.


The following Infographic is a 3 step journey through imagery, interactive and live content. Which one of these works best for you?


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Great Visual Content Infographic

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