How to use a hashtag intro

The Ultimate Guide to Using Hashtags [Infographic]

How to use a hashtag intro



If you own a shop and want people to find you, it’s obvious that you would include your business address on flyers, business cards and directories. In the world of social media, hashtags are your address and it’s how people will find you.


Using hashtags will help connect you with your target demographic.


Whether you are using Instagram, Twitter or Facebook there are certain do’s & don’ts on how to correctly use hashtags on each platform.


Now that you know hashtags are great for your marketing strategy don’t go hey wild on them just yet. First, you have to understand how hashtags work (or don’t), across all platforms. As the infographic details, you may as well not be using them on Facebook, go for gold on Instagram (anything between 11 and 30 works best) and Twitter posts perform better with 2 hashtags.


If you keep your hashtag relevant to the topic at hand then the only way you can wrong is to solely post hashtags. #Don’t#be#this#person. We have high hopes for you and we know you can do better. Including a hashtag with every word comes across spammy more than anything else. Ensure that the awesome hashtags you pick for your post are paired with an equally as awesome caption. You need to put effort into your post as a whole.


Now that you’re ready to tackle hashtags, we’ve shared the following infographic to steer you in the right direction of perfecting them in your posts.


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How to use a hashtag Infographic

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