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How to Improve Your Visibility with SEO [Infographic]

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SEO or search engine optimisation is crucial for being seen online.We want to kill the stigma behind one of SEO’s most beneficial tactics which is link building.


Like anything else, Instagram commenting or trolling on Facebook, someone came first who tarnished the reputation and made it harder for everyone else. This is the case for link building. Websites with poor reputations have abused link building by being spammy therefore giving the term a bad rep.


Today we’re sharing an infographic that will shed some light on how to best link build to increase your visibility.


A very simple tactic that will provide you with low-cost results immediately is researching what sites are linking to your competitors. Research like with anything else will set you up nicely for great results. While you’re already researching, take the time to create a list of niche influencers, everything from bloggers to news outlets that could potentially drive traffic to your website.


Audit your existing links and frequently monitor your progress to track how successful your effects actually are.


When monitoring your results, focus solely on analytics that provides you with sales results. You can ensure you’re looking for the appropriate desired outcomes by setting clear goals early on that you stick to throughout your campaigns.


Not sure where to start? Well, we’ve got your back, the below infographic provides a handy list of link building tips!


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improve visibility with seo infographic

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