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How to Use Breaks to Increase Productivity [Infographic]

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Your eyes are stinging and your brain has turned to mush. Your co-workers are starting to look at you funny as your words start to slur. I think it’s time someone took a break.


Whether it’s studying for an exam, pushing out a last minute report or just plain working your butt off, the benefits of taking a little time out will far outweigh the results of pushing on without one. I love a good zombie movie but I never want to turn into an actual zombie!


If you’re in dire need of a real break, use your time wisely with these neat ideas to help increase productivity.


When short on time, a quick snack can give you the energy boost you need to power through your next task. Or maybe you’re just lacking some motivation, what better way to spend a short break than watching a TED talk that will really recalibrate your motivation levels.


If you have 15 minutes to spare, get those legs going. Walking is a great form of exercise to spark creativity, so, not only will you get your blood pumping, you’ll also be ready to hit the ground running when you get back to the office.


Brain training is just as effective as training the body for a triathlon. If you put in the time, your brain will reward you by working optimally. Why not spend a break playing games with work colleagues? You train your brain as well as bond with your co-workers.


But of all the tips we are sharing with you today, my favourite of all is taking the time to quietly sit in a cafe, people watching. Sometimes all we need is time to sit alone and watch the world go by to get our creative juices flowing.


Whatever works best for you, one thing is for certain is that you need to take a break. To inspire you to take a much-needed rest from all the hard work you put in we’ve shared the following infographic.


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using breaks to increase productivity infographic

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