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The Top 25 Ways to Learn Faster [Infographic]

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Not the smartest cookie, but, really want to be? We can’t all be born with the brains of Albert Einstein but what we can do is train our brain to learn at it’s best. To be specific, there are 25 ways to help you learn faster and become smarter. So let’s begin the learning with techniques that will turn you into the brainiac you’ve been longing to be.


Train your brain like you would your body. Brains have been known to behave like a muscle and all muscles should be warmed up. So before you take it for a spin, get the wheels running by doing a sudoku puzzle.


Now you’re ready for some real training.


You cannot learn effectively if you don’t set a clear objective. As the infographic recommends, write down your learning goals and create accountability for yourself.


While working your way through your list, go at it slowly. You don’t want to overload that brain and go into knowledge deficit. Easy does it.


But when you do learn something useful, teach someone else. This will help to retain the information as well as make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside for helping someone else out.


Your brain – body connection is a very important factor to your overall potential for learning. Keep your body healthy and your brain will thank you for it. Make sure you get the right amount of sleep. If you wake up tired, your body is essentially using up all its energy just to keep you awake – leaving little energy for learning.


Did you know that cacao, the purest form of chocolate, contains an important neurotransmitter, crucial for the processing of information? So guess what I’m about to tell you next? Pick up that bar of chocolate (the darker the better) and enjoy, all in the name of brain health.


Keep on reading to discover the complete list of 25 ways you can learn faster!


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