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LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts for Businesses [Infographic]

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Chances are, that if you have a LinkedIn account you’re looking to build a business network.


It may be employees, business partners or mentors that you wish to connect with but do you understand the do’s and don’ts of this number one lead generation website?


It’s so easy to reach and connect with others online these days that it can be quite easy to forget that we should treat online relationships as we would the offline ones.


Think about it – you wouldn’t just walk up to someone randomly on the street and say “hey – let’s connect!”


They would probably look at you very weirdly.


In the same respect, when we connect on LinkedIn it should be done meaningfully, with proper research and in a timely manner.


Take the time to get to know contacts in your industry before jumping straight into sending them a private message. They will appreciate the effort and view you as a reliable & serious contact.


Linkedin is a business networking site foremost but when you sign up and create a profile – it is your public online resume.


You put in the work to reach your career goals and gain business experience, your profile should reflect the hard work you have put into your career.


These are just a few of the many steps to take in order to network effectively on this social media platform.


When done correctly – Linkedin can be very beneficial for building your network online and to help you get started we have shared the below infographic on the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn for businesses.


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LinkedIn Business Dos and Don'ts Infographic

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