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How to Make Money with Viral Videos [Infographic]

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The world is ever changing and if you told me 15 years ago that you could make millions with just one video that you uploaded to the internet, I would have told you to think again before you go quitting your day job.


However, today as the annoying yet catchy Gangnam Style tune resonates in my head and my nephews sit for hours on their tablets watching videos of their favourite personalities, I realise that it is now a reality.


Viral vids can get the quids!


It pays quite a bit when you have a good look at the numbers. Psy and his Youtube sensation ‘Gangnam Style’ rakes in an estimated $5,906,036 per year on that one video alone. Those are some crazy numbers but you don’t have to come up with a catchy tune and a funny dance to have a hit on Youtube.


All it takes is a video so unique that it gains a large following of viewers and subscribers. This is how it works. Once the views start ticking over, Youtube will give you that golden handshake and you will be added to their partner program. Partner privileges allow you to advertise on your videos which in turn brings in the big bucks.


Easy right? Well, maybe not that easy. You still have to create quality video content that will become popular as well as meet Youtube’s criteria and specific requirements. Once you meet those guidelines, then you can tell your boss to shove it.
If you want to make some quids by getting your video to go viral, then read on as we share some handy tips to help you do just that!


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make money with viral videos infographic

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