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10 Steps to Make Your Content Stand out Online [Infographic]

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Did you know there are 152 million blogs on the internet? So how do you get seen amongst the noise?


Writing excellent content is a great start. Blog posts that are entertaining, valuable, funny and useful all make for great reads that are sure to hook in your audience but you need to get an audience first.


A blog article that sits there will do just that, sit there. It will not grow and no one will know who you are or what you have to offer.


So get out there and promote your content to people who love your blog as much as you do.


You know that saying – ask and you shall receive? It stands true for social media.


Social media promotion is all about networking, if you comment on relevant blogs and engage in Facebook groups people will start to get to know you and you will quickly get the word out there.


Every time you leave a comment on someone’s blog, especially if they are in your industry you are basically advertising your business. Make sure to sign-off comments with your brand name and leave a link to your website in the ‘site’ field that many comment sections feature.


Another great way to build up an audience is through guest posting, it allows you to benefit from the success of others while contributing some content as well.


But don’t blog for just anyone – really take the time to research each website to ensure they have a strong social media presence and do all the right things such as actively promote blog posts and regularly send out email newsletters. All of this will help save you time by only focusing on websites with active communities.


To help you and your awesome content get seen online we have shared the below infographic which details Neil Patel’s 10 steps to getting your content seen.


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Make Your Content Stand Out Infographic

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