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How to Market to Different Generations on Social Media – Part One [Infographic]

How to Market to Different Generations

Identifying your demographic: Learn how to market to different generations Part One


Currently, there are an estimated 2.3 billion users on Social Media, consisting of different types of generations. You might find some pinning on Pinterest, posting selfies on Instagram or watching “how to write a text message” on YouTube. Knowing the difference is so important to your marketing plan.


We recently posted some incredible tips for writing content, so now that you have impressive content, exactly who should you direct it towards?


In this two-part infographic series, we will run through the four generations actively using Social Media and explain how to effectively market to each of them. Using this information to predict buying habits, social trends and identifying consumer needs will prove valuable to your marketing strategy.


Here’s a brief outline of what is covered in the infographic below:




Being a generation who follow trends, people born between 1977 – 1995 are committed social media users. E-commerce entrepreneurs will be pleased to know that Millennials are 34% more likely to make purchasing decisions via social media.




Those born between 1996 – 2010 are known as Post-Millennials. Born well and truly in the internet/social media generation when it was starting to boom and when it became well established, Generation Z feels that social media affects how they feel about themselves, as reported by Citi Post Mail. An impressionable generation, you can target them successfully by ensuring your promotions or strategies are short, precise and direct.


Learn more about the aforementioned demographics with Part One of this two-part infographic series titled “How to market to different generations on social media”.


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Market to Different Generations Infographic

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