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How to Optimise Your Tweets for Engagement [Infographic]

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Takeoff in T minus 10 seconds! Strap yourself in and prepare for launch.


For maximum brand presence, you have to reach for the stars and Twitter marketing can be one of the best launch pads for your business. When it comes to people following the latest trends or keeping up with their peers, Twitter is the Millennium Falcon of vessels.


There are many reasons why a Tweet may fail to launch but there are some simple strategies you can implement to get more comments, clicks and retweets.


There are 316 million active users on Twitter and in reaching for the stars, you want to land yourself a percentage of those users on your journey to Twitter success.


So what is the plan of operation? Before we deploy you on your mission, first we must conduct a debriefing.
Stage one: Boost your Twitter account
Stage two: Shorten URLs
Stage three: Use fewer hashtags
Stage four: Input actionable words
Final Stage:  Respond quickly


You can’t go wrong when you provide the best of the best content – that is why the tips we’re sharing today are so important. It isn’t enough to just create the great tweets, how you share them to the Twitterverse makes a world of difference to the success of your launch.


So buckle up and get ready to learn just what it takes to optimise your tweets.


We would love to hear from our fellow Twitter experts on what strategic moves helped grow your brand presence on the Twitterverse. Sharing is caring so drop us a message below and partake in our journey to Twitter success by sharing your best tip!


As always, please let us know your comments or any questions on Twitter (@thewebsitegroup ← Click to Tweet Us).

optimise tweets for maximum engagement infographic

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