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The Recipe for a Perfect Blog Post [Infographic]

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Creative writers are down right excellent manipulators of words, but there is a craft to perfecting the method of the perfect post. Your message may be valuable to your audience, but without the correct delivery, it may go unheard. If you’re feeling in the mood to cook up your best blog post to date – we have the recipe to help you do just that.






1, good quality title

1 heaped teaspoon of creativity

2 cups copy, sifted, to sort through the unnecessary bits

1 part conclusion

Sprinkling of enthusiasm and personal touch




Start with your title, ensuring you pick the best quality one that sets the theme for your blog post. A great title sets the tone for the rest of your work and when it comes to the actual writing the title gives you something to work off.


Structure your body copy. Compile your ideas and your strongest points so that you can work around that. The two cups of copy should be sifted until you are left with only the best bits. This is the most important aspect to your blog post so take your time with it.


How you end your post is just as important as how you engage a reader at the beginning. You want to end with a sprinkling of inspiration that the reader can walk away with, feeling motivated. A summary if you like, of the most important bits to motivate them to act on your information.


We have run you through an express version of the best recipe for the perfect blog post, but the following infographic will help you take your blog posts to the next level!


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perfect blog post infographic

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