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The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page [Infographic]

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You’ve certainly come across a landing page or two before while browsing the internet or visiting social media.


Perhaps an ad popped up on a very interesting topic to you such as “The Ultimate Guide to Landing Pages” so you clicked the learn more button.


It then proceeds to open an external site which has detailed information on the guide you are about to download, the author or business behind the brand and a section for you to enter your email address. And voila – there’s a landing page!


A landing page is ultimately a page connected to an ad that acts as a pre-entry to a website, blog or e-commerce site and can be used to gather contact information from your audience such as an email address.


You’ll want to ensure that your landing page quickly wins the attention of those who visit it to increase the likely hood of them completing your call-to-action. Catchy titles, easy to read fonts and a clear message are just some of the ways to help your page to stand out.


You want to be very clear on your message and the details of what you are offering, the simpler and more appealing the offer is the more likely readers are to claim it. An explainer video can be a great way to present your offer in an easy to understand format.



When done right these pages can be very beneficial and many businesses out there are currently capitalising on the advantages a landing page can bring.  The below infographic provides a detailed breakdown on the anatomy of a landing page to help you design your best one yet.


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Perfect Landing Page Infographic

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