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How to Prioritise Your Inbox [Infographic]

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Back in the day, stone and chisel were the only forms of communication. Not so long ago, offices were full of boxes containing faxes stacked to the roof, and cupboard draws swamped with letters and bills were the norm.


The hunt to find that one piece of important correspondence was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Thank goodness those days are gone.


Welcome back to the 21st century!


Breathe a sigh of relief as we now keep in contact with emails, instant text messages and all the other various ways via our new found technology.


With all this new tech at our fingertips, you would think it would handle everything for us, however, the seemingly endless chain of emails filling your inbox and spam folder can bring the best of us to our knees. It seems now that we can’t escape them as we get new message alerts beeping and vibrating in our pocket.


Maybe the paper days weren’t so bad after all.


There are many steps we can use to help relieve the stress we can feel from the constant email barrage. With the use of conscious strategies and routines, the fear of opening your email inbox can be reduced greatly.


A cluttered inbox is a sure fire way to lose your concentration and send you off track each time an email comes through, it could be as much as 64 seconds! Might not sound like much but if check your notifications each time they come through, and say you get 60 a day, there’s an hour you’ve lost in concentration.


To avoid a chaotic inbox that does nothing but decrease productivity, we’ve shared an infographic with tips to help you organise and prioritise your inbox.


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prioritise your inbox infographic

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