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How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers [Infographic]

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If you are one of the 1.9 billion people using Facebook regularly, you will want to continue reading this introduction. The internet has made our lives easier, we can shop online, complete an entire educational course and work from home.


But with the good comes the bad. It’s now easier than ever to fall victim to online hackers attempting to steal your identity, information and money.


Knowledge is power and knowing how to protect yourself from hackers is one step in the right direction to ensuring you stay safe online.


Always remain vigilant and on guard.


You are exposed on a daily basis but even more so if you are using external wifi servers. Say for example you need a change of scenery and choose to do a little work at your local cafe and use their free wifi services.


You could become susceptible to side jacking as the Infographic below suggests. Which is nuts because as a digital nomad myself, I have and know so many others who’ve logged onto external wifi servers with a laptop that holds vital information and pre-saved login credentials and passwords.


Scary stuff!


Facebook sites are targeted by hackers 600,000 times a day so it goes without saying that online internet security really is a big deal!


There are measures you can take today to make sure you protect your privacy, 10 of them to be exact so you can work away assured that your details remain safe. The below infographic touches on 10 ways that hackers can gain access to your account and how you can defend against them.


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Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers Infographic

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