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8 Entrepreneurial Skills to Teach Your Kid [Infographic]

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When I was a kid I used to paint these little tree nuts with liquid paper and sell them to my friends at school. You could spin the nuts and the patterns I’d paint on them would look really cool. I sold loads of them!


“My little entrepreneur is going to make millions when she’s older” my mother would say. If only they were fidget spinners!


While I’m yet to make millions, the confidence and inspiration my parents gave me definitely helped me in my years to come. Whether you’ll become the next Richard Branson or just be successful in your own mind your experiences as a child can mould you into the adult you will become.


The following helpful tips can help mum and dad promote such values.


Life may not alway be sunshine and roses so learning to hold your head high when things don’t work out the way you thought they would make for a resilient person. Don’t let those pitfalls get them down! At the same time make sure they realise success when they get it right.


Get those creative juices flowing. Before the days of Youtube and Xbox, we had to play with what we had. Sometimes this was just your imagination. Using your creativity when young can lead to big ideas as an adult.


Teach your children responsibility early by creating accountability around money. By earning pocket money as a result of doing chores around the house helps create a sound knowledge of the value of hard work.


An optimistic outlook in life adopted by parents will be a personality trait your children will hold forever. This attribute will assist your little entrepreneur through some challenging times in life.


To give your children the best start to a successful life we are sharing the following infographic with inspiring ways to nurture your children into entrepreneurs.


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how to rasie an entrepreneur infographic

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