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7 Speaking Habits to Make You Sound Smarter [Infographic]

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Some of us are born with great looks, a perfect physique or a powerful singing voice but the truly lucky ones are born with the brains of Einstein. If you really want to sound like a brainiac (even though you’re more inclined to be great at sports) we’re sharing some tricks that will fool the smartest of them all.


Being yourself sometimes isn’t enough, in today’s day and age we are constantly confronted with judgements and opinions. When we can’t join them – beat them at their own game!


A Lion in the wild will always face up to its opponent when threatened, standing strong in their stance. In the jungle we call everyday life, assuming the correct posture and oozing confidence will have you respected by your fellow tribe.


If we learnt one thing from Disney’s The Lion King (aside from Hakunamatata is Swahili for “No Worries”), it’s that a lion cub isn’t born with a natural roar, he must practice. With that in mind before you set out into the wild, practice your delivery so that when it comes to communicating with others, you will be heard.


If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all and learn to be comfortable in silence. Instead, use this quiet time to gather your thoughts and prepare for the next awesome thing you have to say.


Imparting your knowledge in a clear confident voice is really all you need to engage your audience. But it isn’t always about the confidence within, sometimes you just need to master the art of pretending. The rest will follow.


So if you’re ready to be the king of the jungle we are sharing some tips to put you at the top of the food chain (or at least make you sound like you belong there).


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