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5 Types of Toxic Employees and How to Deal with Them [Infographic]

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A toxic environment in the workplace can be very transparent, and your clients will pick up on the bad vibes. There are certain personalities who do nothing but pollute your business, and today, we run you through 5 types of toxic employees and how to deal with them.


The one employee who creates more work for you than they produce is the ‘hot mess’. The hot mess may either not know how to do their job properly or is just overly dependent on others, but one thing is for sure, this person will bring the whole team down real quick.


If you see potential – offer extra training.


A very frustrating persona, the one that doesn’t pull their weight around the office is called ‘the slacker’. They display poor work ethics and can shake up the office balance by producing more work for other employees. Low on motivation and plain laziness makes this type of employee a contaminate to your workplace.


Set expectations and schedule reviews to create accountability.


A misconception is that an employee should work themselves to death in order to be seen as a great contributor to the company. Not true, and this employee is called ‘the martyr’. Here’s why this employee can be very toxic to your business. They have a tendency to be controlling and in their quest to perfection will almost always burn out. You can expect the martyr to either call in sick or show up for work worse for wear – to the detriment of your healthy employees.


Encourage the martyr to go sip a few piña coladas by the beach on a tropical island.


Whether your workplace has a fun socialite on board that loves to have a great chat or a sociopath that bullies those who crosses path with them – both are detrimental to your business.


Finding a balance between working hard while having fun as well as displaying respectful behaviour makes for a perfect employee.


If your workplace happens to be infected with one of these toxic employees, use these handy tips in the infographic below to correct the problem.


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