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Unusual Habits of 8 Famous and Successful People [Infographic]

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The saying goes old habits die hard, and they sure do, especially those of the unusual kind. Or maybe some habits just shouldn’t die and we’re meant to embrace them in all their glory.


That is the case for the following 8 famous and successful people who have habits so unusual you may have to look at the screen twice. As unusual, weird and downright odd as it may seem, these personalities managed to work their way to the top even with these peculiar habits.


So are these quirky personality traits friend or foe?


Benjamin Franklin would have you believe friend. He was utterly convinced that airing himself out in the morning for a couple of hours would protect him from disease. All in the name of health of course!


The jury is out on whether Benjamin Franklin had in fact discovered the fountain of youth but America’s new president sure doesn’t want to take the risk.


Some may even call him a germaphobe, he’ll go to great lengths to avoid catching a bug by refusing to shake hands with others.


Once again the jury is out on whether that is in fact just bad manners or a genuine fear of illness, but one person of the 8 we are about to share with you, has zero fear of death. He actually embraces the fear of death as a means to spark creativity. Yoshiro Nakamatsu dives to the point of near death and believes this is how he does his best work.


So without further adieu, here’s the full list of unusual habits of the rich and famous! We’d love to know if you have any unusual habits, so why not leave us a message below with your unique, quirky trait.


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unusual habits of successful people infographic

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