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The Future of Virtual Reality in eCommerce [Infographic]

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Move over flying cars – there’s something much better in our foreseeable future. Virtual reality E-Commerce shopping. Men are no longer safe from the dreaded shopping spree but at least this way you can tag along with a beer in hand!


It is no secret that marketing tactics such as lighting, choice of music and product placement are all used to entice us into spending more when we shop.


As an E-commerce business owner, can you imagine the visual and auditory senses you can tap into using virtual reality to make the buying experience that more attractive to your potential buyer?


And it goes both ways.


As a buyer, how cool would it be to be able to test drive a car without actually leaving your home?


With VR these are all very real possibilities and believe it or not we aren’t far off V-commerce entering our own homes.


Our daily lives are changing, we are becoming busier, more ambitious and the work-life balance can sometimes be thrown off. It’s inevitable that our traditional buying methods will soon be outdated.


We as a society move very quickly and so should our shopping experience.


Imagine gaining an extra half hour or so a day by doing your food shop at home all without actually losing out on the personal customer service experience.


It’s an extra half hour that you can spend at home with the family.


These are the very real benefits VR can soon bring to home shoppers.


Everything from statistics, possibilities and facts; the below Infographic really opens our eyes to the world of VR shopping from home.


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Virtual Reality Shopping Infographic

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