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The Ultimate Guide to Winning Back Angry Customers [Infographic]

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For those of you who work in a customer service role, we’ve all had to deal with them one way or another. The angry customer who you just can’t please no matter how hard you try.


Refraining from blurting out what’s really going on in your head is a talent in itself and we know you’re a true professional. As easy as it would be to say “adios” just to save time and trouble you should be patient and value their business with a positive attitude.


You worked long and hard to get your brand out there and every customer deserves your respect so try to be sensitive to their needs. No matter how ridiculous they may be. Hold your tongue and listen!


There are certain things you should never say to the customer and ways to rephrase them to keep everyone happy. Once you’ve heard their concerns always apologise (even if your head tells you otherwise) and assure them that the end result will be in their favour. That end result should always be one that they are 100% happy with.


To sweeten the deal you can always offer a discount on their next purchase. They get a little something extra and you get some repeat business. Everyone’s a winner!


Building trust within your demographic will help keep that 5-star review rating intact.


Remember, if you can’t resolve the issue alone then your team members may have the answers, so don’t be scared to ask for a bit of help. Some of the biggest businesses have entire office floors dedicated to customer service!


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win back angry customers infographic

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