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How to Write the Perfect Email [Infographic]

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Email best practice: The do’s and don’ts of composing an email.


Dear Readers,


Gone are the days of love letters in a bottle or carrier pigeons out of soldier tents during WWI. The romanticism of letters is a thing of the past but on the plus side, we now have quick alternatives to get your message across within seconds.


Or remember the good old fax machine and the lengthy wait times that came with those things? Not to mention the drop outs when someone accidentally phoned the fax number and not the landline. Oh, those were the days!


Although the sentiment of handwritten letters has vanished, a well-drafted email is still very much appreciated as opposed to a quick rush job. We’ve all fallen victim to an email faux pas at some point; accidentally pressing ‘reply all’ or responding to the incorrect person.


But what exactly do we need to do to craft the perfect email and what in particular should we avoid?


A well-structured email could potentially result in a new client, a successful job application or a long-awaited family reunion. All these outcomes are of course worth every bit of effort you put into a well-polished correspondence.


Did you know that 205 billion emails are sent every day? Business practices have rapidly evolved since the introduction of emails in the early 1990’s, information sharing nowadays is quicker and easier than ever before. We can receive information at the drop of a hat and shoot it back equally as fast.


The infographic below provides 36 tips on crafting the perfect email and is well-worth the read!


We thank you for taking the time to read this intro (purposely written in the style of a well-drafted email) and hope it was of benefit to you.


With Warm Regards,


The Website Group


(See how it’s done!)


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How to Write the Perfect Email

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