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At The Website Group we always try to make things a simple and enjoyable experience. A huge part of this is
achieved by offering the best level of support that we can.

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Please try to be as specific as possible when describing your issue. For example, make sure to include a URL, a username etc. If you are asking multiple questions in one ticket, please number them 1, 2, 3 etc, as this will make it easier for both parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I receive a response to my support ticket?

    We will respond to the email address provided by you when logging your request

  • Do I need to be a customer in order to log a request?

    Yes, support is only offered to our customers however pre-sales questions will also be responded to

  • How do I access the Projects system?

    Once you have signed up with us, we will send you an email containing your login information

  • When will I receive an initial website concept?

    This would all depend on the complexity of the website, however for the majority of sites we aim to provide an initial homepage concept within 3-5 days from the project start date

  • How do I purchase additional services?

    To purchase additional services such as Twitter Management or Professional SEO, please contact us on 020 3198 7333 or submit a contact request online

  • When will my first payment be taken?

    Once you have set up your Direct Debit, we will send you confirmation of the payment date and payment amount via email

  • I can’t access my emails

    Please check to ensure that you have used the correct login details, which we would have supplied to you via email when your accounts were first set up. Note that passwords are case sensitive

  • How do I claim my 25% discount on additional services?

    If you have either a Professional or Enterprise Website Package, you will automatically be eligible for the discount which will be applied to any applicable purchases that you make

  • My question hasn't been answered and I need more help

    If you need further assistance, please log a support ticket using our online form or email