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Our 3 phase SEO strategy

Our years of combined SEO experience allows us to deliver the best possible results for our clients. Our team of SEO experts know precisely what’s required to gain you the visibility you deserve and increase the quantity (and quality) of visitors to your website.

SEO Research and Setup
Research & Setup
To provide you with an effective SEO campaign it is essential that we first understand your business, target audience and any competition. To gather as much information as possible our SEO specialists use a range of different processes, from a competitive analysis to a complete website audit.
SEO Expert Strategy
Planning & Preparation
Careful planning is the key to ensuring that we deliver an exceptional SEO campaign. From keyword research on individual search terms to complete topical mapping, our SEO experts leave nothing to chance. During this phase, our Prospectors also source contact information for potential link building opportunities.
SEO Specialist Reports
Link Building & Reporting
Based on our research from phase 2, we’ll use the most appropriate link building strategies to build high quality, White Hat links to your website. To ensure that you’re kept updated, we’ll also provide regular reports to showcase any notable new links and show the overall progress of the campaign.

Phase 1: Research and Setup

A successful SEO strategy is about building a company’s online presence. To maximise the effectiveness of each campaign it’s crucial that we understand your business, target audience and competition. To do this we follow several processes:

  • Website Audit

    We’ll first need to carry out an in-depth audit of your website to detect any technical issues and ensure that it’s indexable. During this stage, our SEO specialists can also provide guidance (if it has not already been done) on linking your site to the Google Search Console, so we are able to pick up on any major issues identified by Google themselves.

  • Analytics Setup and Data Review

    By using Google Analytics, we’ll be able to effectively measure the success of your campaign and use the gathered data to make the correct decisions throughout the campaign lifetime. If Google Analytics has not already been setup then we can provide guidance on how to do so.

  • Business Discovery

    In order to drive growth, it’s vital that we learn as much as we can about your industry, customers and competitors. We aim to do this as independently as possible through web research however sometimes we may need to ask you a few questions along the way.

  • Competitive Analysis

    A competitive analysis allows us to compare your content (and other SEO factors) against those of your competitors. This will help us to identify opportunities and establish exactly what we’ll need to focus on in order to outrank them.
SEO Specialists Animation Part Two
SEO Specialists Animation Part One
  • Link Profile

    Google’s algorithm uses Artificial Intelligence to determine what a well-balanced link profile should look like for every niche. To ensure that we develop the most effective and natural looking link profile possible, we plan our linking strategy around a full competitor link audit.

  • Existing Linkable Assets

    After ensuring that any technical issues on your website have been dealt with, we’ll make a record of any existing pages (or posts) that we feel other websites may be interested in linking to.

  • Outreach and Content Tone

    To maximise results, it’s important for us to understand the tone that we’ll need to be using in order to effectively communicate with other websites in your industry (for outreach) and also the tone that should be used for any content created.

  • Persona Creation

    To maximise response on email outreach, it helps immensely for us to be pitching on behalf of your business as opposed to an SEO company. We take care of the creation of these personas including the setup of an email address.

Phase 2: Planning and Preparation

As Benjamin Franklin once said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” It is our attention to detail in the planning stages that ensures we consistently deliver our clients an industry leading SEO campaign.

Search Term Map SEO Icon

Search Term Mapping

By using a range of different keyword discovery tools our SEO experts are able to find the most lucrative and achievable search terms for your business. We can then use the gathered data to determine which pages on your website would be best matched to each search term, allowing us to focus the page around this.

Keyword Research Icon

Topical Keyword Research and Mapping

Instead of simply identifying individual search terms to target, we find as many related keywords as possible and group them into topics. This allows us to work towards ranking your website for multiple search terms simultaneously by focusing content around the entire topic. These topics can then be matched to the different stages in your website’s funnel based on searcher intent.

Accelerated SEO Icon

Accelerated Results

To generate the quickest results possible for you, we plan our strategy around first building links to any webpages which are already on the verge of ranking on page one. To do this our SEO specialists use tools to identify any search terms that you may already be ranking on the first few pages of the search results for.

Link Prospecting SEO Icon

Link Prospecting

It’s impossible for us to build links to your website without first having a list of sites and people to contact. At the beginning of your SEO campaign, our Prospectors will find the most relevant websites for us to reach out to during the link building process and determine the best person to contact regarding each site. We aim to find enough websites and contact details to last us for the entire outreach campaign.

Phase 3: Link Building and Reporting

To maximise the effectiveness our SEO campaigns, we use a range of different link building techniques, from guest posting to infographic promotion. We also provide all of our clients with regular reports so that they can monitor campaign progress.


Link Building

This is where our Link Prospectors’ hard work during phase 2 really comes into play as we can now manually reach out to each of the websites on our list. Using our research from phase 1, we can also determine the best link building strategies to secure you some high quality, relevant links. To give you an idea of the link building process, some of the methods that we use are listed below:

SEO Specialists Animation Three


In order to secure as many link placements to your website as possible, our team of SEO specialists will divide their time equally between both reaching out to any new link opportunities and also following up on our previous outreach attempts. This technique allows us to maximise the effectiveness of each SEO campaign.



To keep you informed on the campaign progress, we’ll report on things such as new links, rankings and estimated traffic volume on a regular basis. We try to allow time for any new links to indexed by the search engines before reporting on them, however you can also log into Google Analytics (or another platform of your choice) at any time to monitor how things are going.

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Our independent reviews speak for themselves…

With many years of experience, we know exactly what is needed to run a successful SEO campaign for businesses of all sizes and industries – just ask our customers…

“It’s only been a little over 2 months since we began the campaign however our Google positions have already improved for multiple keywords and our traffic has greatly increased. The Website Group are true professionals and really know their stuff. If you’re looking for a team of SEO specialists that deliver incredible results at a fair price then give these guys a call.” 

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