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7 Google Secrets Every Internet User Should Know! [Infographic]

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You’ve heard the phrase “a question for Dr Google” before and rightfully so because Google knows everything. You could say the big G knows a little too much – such as your underwear size!


Whether the big G likes big butts (and it cannot lie) remains uncertain, but what we do know is that Google loves selling your information to advertisers. Smart little cookie, and with that information they then sell products to you contributing to the majority of this search engines profits.


Did you know that Google’s “fly anywhere” software refrains from showing us certain places in the world? Why could that be? Conspiracy theoristS unite and let your imaginations run wild!


If being the number one search engine wasn’t enough for this powerhouse, Google dreams of bringing to fruition artificial intelligence. Talk about ambition, and with their track record, we have not doubt that they’ll bring the goods to the table. According to the search engine – they’re not too far away!


Next thing we know Google is running for president!


It seems like there’s nothing Google can’t do and that’s why so many of us rely on it as our primary source for information.


As one of the largest search engines around today, we thought you would love to read a little about the big G’s secrets. The below infographic highlights 7 Google secrets that you need to know now!


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7 Google Secrets Infographic

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