How to Optimise Your Emails for Short Attention Spans [Infographic]

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It’s the school holidays and the rain is pouring down outside. This could be your worst nightmare in the making. “I’m bored, I’m bored!” scream the kids as you’re trying to do a little bit of work at home. You keep throwing things at them to do (that you think are genius ideas) but within a matter of minutes, the bored train rolls back into town.


How can their attention spans be so small!


We can all be those bored kids when it comes to receiving and reading a company’s subscription email. Quickly losing our attention span as our mind wanders elsewhere due to the usual dull and mundane content that we are so used to seeing.


Sometimes we don’t even open them at all!


The time we spend reading emails, however, seems to be on the up. Increasing slowly as the years pass especially within the mobile user demographic. It appears these companies are onto something to help optimise their emails and keep us interested and engaged rather than quickly skimming by.


Subscriber emails are an important key to your business marketing. It keeps your target consumer engaged and up to date with your brand’s product or service, so it makes sense to plan them out to keep your audience interested.


You definitely don’t want them hitting that ‘unsubscribe’ link.


It really seems so simple that the key ingredient for a great email is relevant content, but other factors come into play as well.


If your subscriber list has more unsubscribes than you’d care to admit, read on to find out what you can do to change that!


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optimise your emails infographic

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15 Ways to Know If Your Logo Is Any Good [Infographic]

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Over time a good logo will make you immediately recognize the brand it is portraying. In doing so we generally will be subconsciously made to buy that product due to its logos recognition.


Street signs and buildings are covered in them. Magazine and newspaper pages are full of them. When surfing the web you cannot avoid seeing company logos trying to catch your attention so that you click on their page. We are constantly bombarded by them but that is exactly their purpose.


When I was young I would quickly be asking my parents for a happy meal as we drove by the golden arches of McDonald’s or a stop in to Toys R Us after seeing the colourful sign in the distance. These days the brands are replaced by my favourite tech or clothing company but the unique, memorable logos have the same desired result.


Many brands have had that long drawn out process of designing and choosing an effective logo that reflects their company culture. It is a key part of marketing and building a successful brand that the consumer will easily recognize and be drawn to over the competitors.


Many factors come into play when designing the best logo for you, so time and consideration should be spent on the initial planning process. I’m sure some of your favourite big name brands didn’t decide on their perfect logo overnight.


Wondering if your logo is a keeper? To help you identify the determining factors of a great logo design we’ve shared the following infographic to run you through all the steps for a well-designed logo.


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logo design tips infographic

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50 Annoying Business Phrases You Should Stop Using [Infographic]

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Your work environment can be hit and miss when it comes to your colleagues. It is what it is and it may not always be a win-win situation. You may have to move the goalposts to achieve empowerment and help synergise the work space together.


(Let us know if any of this makes sense)


It could be difficult though if you have a lot on your plate, so to get the ball rolling and receive thanks in advance you will have to get all those ducks in a row to be that real office game changer.


You can’t compare your co-workers like apples to apples, in which case it’s time to bite the bullet, put it on your radar and address that elephant in the room.


You may not have the bandwidth to reveal the Kimono but look across the piece and at the end of the day, the cascading relevant information and action will be a no brainer.


Going forward from here it’s best practice to touch base with your corporate values.


Reach out to them and take an idea shower together to see the helicopter view or even come down to reach the low hanging fruit before you all get thrown under the bus.


From here it may be hard to keep your eye on the ball but dive deeper, drill down and before you know it you will get the manager’s blessing.


See what we mean? If you have no clue what we’re talking about but hear these phrases all the time then read on as the following infographic runs you through 50 annoying phrases everyone should stop using today! Feel free to send this to a colleague who has the problem.


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annoying business phrases infographic

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The Hipster Guide to Business Acronyms [Infographic]

The Hipster Guide to Business Acronyms Intro



While sitting down and enjoying your coffee at your local cafe, you may have overheard a variety of conversations. The ‘suit and ties’ talking about spreadsheets, the oldies reminiscing about the good ol’ days, the mother trying to keep her kids quiet and then, of course, the hipsters with their well-groomed beards and their neatly knotted scarves.


You may have understood the other conversations but the hipsters leave you scratching your head.


“Hey man…that party was totes amazeballs last night”
“It got a lil cray cray though when that guy got all up in my grill so I was a bit devo”
“But hey I’m not too devo cos I’m like whatevs man..YOLO!”
“Yeah….right…yolo hey. Wish I was a bit more yolo.”


Social media platforms attract a broad range of personality types. Among them, there will always be the hipsters and the ones who love to drop the latest acronym to keep up with what is trending within their demographic.


You may think you know it all when it comes to the latest jargon and lingo until these guys leave you bewildered when you receive their texts or emails.


Our lives are getting busier and as a result, language is being cut short, so as to reduce the time it takes to get a point across. Abbreviation and acronyms are the way of the future. With more and more acronyms being used in business it can sometimes get a little confusing!


You don’t want to fall behind, and as it seems the world doesn’t have enough time to actually speak words, you may as well join them because you can’t really beat them. To help you do so we have shared an infographic that decodes some of the most popular business acronyms.


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The Hipster Guide to Business Acronyms Infographic

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The Ultimate Social Media Ads Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

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It has become inevitable, in order to play in the big leagues of social media, you have to pay up and advertise. Unlike traditional advertising methods, social media adverts can be humanised to really appeal to your audience in fun and creative ways.


Know that you want a great outcome but not sure exactly what your goal is just yet? No worries, today we’re sharing a neat infographic that will spark your advertising creativity.


Firstly, take the time to know your audience like the back of your hand. This includes gender, location, hobbies and interests. This will help shape the caption of your ad set to suit your target demographic.


Handy tip: You can find all this information sitting in the analytics tabs of all your social media accounts. Start researching!


Now that you have a better understanding of who you’re speaking to, the next step is fine tuning exactly what you want from your audience. All great ads should have a goal and a call to action, so brainstorm exactly what you want to achieve.


It may be as simple as more likes or to increase traffic to your website. If you know what you’re aiming for, you’re more likely to succeed.


Never let an ad just sit there, instead be proactive about it and track your results so you can adjust and act accordingly.


Your ad will work if you do!


If story telling is your kind of thing, you’re going to shine on Instagram. Not only is it the ultimate picture sharing platform but now with the introduction of Instagram stories and influencer marketing on the rise – storytelling has become big.


Followers want to engage with real people and your ad can tell the story of the humans behind your brand!


Now it’s over to you. To help you out here’s a cheat sheet to guide you on creating your best ad yet!


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social media ads cheat sheet infographic

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Your Guide to Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

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Your social media kingdom reigns supreme across the lands. Your followers and loyal subjects are by your side every day, however, there is always room for more within the castle walls. You must scour the world in search for some battle worthy knights to help promote your brand and truly take you to the greatest heights.


These ‘knights’ come in the modern day form of social media influencers. Influencer marketing is an important strategy used to promote and market your product or service. By using popular personalities that hold power over their audience, you can really make a big difference in your brand awareness.


Online celebrities now rank higher than other media types and online advertising is considered more trustworthy (when backed up by your influencer) than television, magazine or newspaper. It seems to make sense to add this form of marketing to your strategy to generate more sales.


The key to this is to find the perfect social media influencer to launch your marketing campaign. With them by your side, your giveaways, product reviews, fan interaction, sponsored posts and other collaborative projects will succeed ten fold.


If you want to be ready for the Social Media Game of Thrones and claim your spot at the top then the following infographic can help!


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guide to influencer marketing infographic

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A Guide to Business Etiquette Around the World [Infographic]

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When greeting someone for the first time in Japan you wouldn’t give them a kiss on the cheek. Nor would you bow to someone in Italy. When it comes to globe trotting and interacting with people in business from different countries, a certain etiquette is required to help reduce the chance of an embarrassing situation.


Business interaction and meetings are conducted differently all around the world. A country’s history and culture have developed this long before you step onto the tarmac and into the meeting room, so study up on how to present yourself correctly.


For instance, a good old fashioned handshake upon first meeting usually does the job but too gentle could come across weak or too firm could make you look like a bully. A small hand gesture incorrectly executed has the potential to ruin things straight from the start.


Once you’ve nailed the initial contact, what to call them is next in line. The labels of Mr or Mrs/Miss are not used everywhere. You will gain trust and respect if you take the time to learn a little of their language!


Next, is that all important business card. Business cards make sure your brand is remembered and should always be presented. However, a translated copy will always go down in the good books and ensures it doesn’t end up in the bin.


Some business people can be very blunt and to the point, while others may prefer a more friendly or relaxed environment. The bottom line is, the general communication style & agenda of your meeting in a foreign country must be spot on.


No idea where to begin? The following infographic takes you across the globe to have a deeper look into what is considered proper business etiquette.


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business etiquette around the world infographic

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Google Maps [Infographic]

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Your rental car comes to an abrupt stop on a dead end street. You’re in a city and country you have never been to before whilst on your lovely, well-planned honeymoon. You could have sworn that the hotel you are staying at was just around the corner but your spouse is starting to question your navigational skills so you reach for the poorly folded map stuffed into the glove box.


Hang on! It’s the 21st century and we now have a great tool called Google Maps. The day is saved and before you know it you will be blissfully exploring your new surroundings confidently.


Since starting operation back in 2005 solely for PC web browsers it now covers all tech products and operating services worldwide. It’s an innovative navigation tool that has greatly changed the way we view and interact with our surroundings. You can even use it to take a stroll through your honeymoon destination beforehand to double check that it’s perfect for the both of you.


From simple mapping duties to finding a local attraction and booking a ticket via a linked website it has saved people bucket loads of time and in turn money.


The broad capabilities, however, can confuse us just as much as the old school paper map.


If you too, just like in granddads terms, have enough trouble with the ‘internets’, then you’re in luck! We’re sharing an infographic to shed some light on Google Maps, it visually runs you through the many benefits of this program as well as exactly what you can use it for.


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how to use google maps infographic

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How to Make Money with Viral Videos [Infographic]

make money with viral videos intro



The world is ever changing and if you told me 15 years ago that you could make millions with just one video that you uploaded to the internet, I would have told you to think again before you go quitting your day job.


However, today as the annoying yet catchy Gangnam Style tune resonates in my head and my nephews sit for hours on their tablets watching videos of their favourite personalities, I realise that it is now a reality.


Viral vids can get the quids!


It pays quite a bit when you have a good look at the numbers. Psy and his Youtube sensation ‘Gangnam Style’ rakes in an estimated $5,906,036 per year on that one video alone. Those are some crazy numbers but you don’t have to come up with a catchy tune and a funny dance to have a hit on Youtube.


All it takes is a video so unique that it gains a large following of viewers and subscribers. This is how it works. Once the views start ticking over, Youtube will give you that golden handshake and you will be added to their partner program. Partner privileges allow you to advertise on your videos which in turn brings in the big bucks.


Easy right? Well, maybe not that easy. You still have to create quality video content that will become popular as well as meet Youtube’s criteria and specific requirements. Once you meet those guidelines, then you can tell your boss to shove it.
If you want to make some quids by getting your video to go viral, then read on as we share some handy tips to help you do just that!


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make money with viral videos infographic

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How to Create Awesome Infographics Every Time [Infographic]

How to Create Awesome Infographics Intro



I don’t know about you, but as a child, I would generally go for the books with more pictures, drawings or images than that huge novel that takes you months (or years) to read. Even worse yet, some school books were so visually boring that would make me start seeing double after the first page.


In this era of technology, social media and a fast paced way of living & working, the need to get information across quickly and easily is a high priority. People will soon switch off and move on if the data they’re after is just too hard to process or takes up too much of their precious time.


In matters of business, a fast growing marketing tactic sure to keep viewers interested is an infographic. They are shared and ‘liked’ worldwide every day, these unique and visually stimulating articles can really provide the high quality leads that your business is after.


However, to stand out above them all, a planned strategy should be used to really create and publish an infographic that does the job it was intended to do…attract attention to your brand.


No one likes clutter, so be direct and to the point on what information you are providing to the reader. Keep text simple and short, make sure to refrain from using too many fonts and colours.


You must keep readers engaged and interested.


Ready to generate more leads for your business with one of the most popular forms of visual content? The following infographic shows you how to create an awesome infographic for your business!


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How to Create Awesome Infographics Infographic

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