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The Hipster Guide to Business Acronyms [Infographic]

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While sitting down and enjoying your coffee at your local cafe, you may have overheard a variety of conversations. The ‘suit and ties’ talking about spreadsheets, the oldies reminiscing about the good ol’ days, the mother trying to keep her kids quiet and then, of course, the hipsters with their well-groomed beards and their neatly knotted scarves.


You may have understood the other conversations but the hipsters leave you scratching your head.


“Hey man…that party was totes amazeballs last night”
“It got a lil cray cray though when that guy got all up in my grill so I was a bit devo”
“But hey I’m not too devo cos I’m like whatevs man..YOLO!”
“Yeah….right…yolo hey. Wish I was a bit more yolo.”


Social media platforms attract a broad range of personality types. Among them, there will always be the hipsters and the ones who love to drop the latest acronym to keep up with what is trending within their demographic.


You may think you know it all when it comes to the latest jargon and lingo until these guys leave you bewildered when you receive their texts or emails.


Our lives are getting busier and as a result, language is being cut short, so as to reduce the time it takes to get a point across. Abbreviation and acronyms are the way of the future. With more and more acronyms being used in business it can sometimes get a little confusing!


You don’t want to fall behind, and as it seems the world doesn’t have enough time to actually speak words, you may as well join them because you can’t really beat them. To help you do so we have shared an infographic that decodes some of the most popular business acronyms.


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The Hipster Guide to Business Acronyms Infographic

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