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How to Use Google Adwords [Infographic]

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11 tips for creating the most effective Google AdWords campaign ever!


Developing a great Google Adwords campaign for the first time can feel like you’re trying to make your way through a maze. You can soon find yourself doubting your decisions and questioning all the choices you’ve made from the get go, so let us help you out!


What is Google Adwords?


It’s an auction based advertising service provided by Google that allows businesses to be seen by paying to appear in the ‘Ads’ section of the search results.


The key to a great start on Google Adwords is to first spend time identifying your customer profile. You’ll need to think like your potential customers would to enable you to predict what they might type into the Google search box should they be looking to purchase your product or service. This will help you choose the best search terms for your business to bid on.


There is however alot more to Google Adwords than just choosing some appropriate search terms. Thankfully the infographic below has been designed to help you on your way. Ensure your investment doesn’t go to waste by following these 11 steps carefully and there should be no stopping you!


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How to Use Google Adwords Infographic
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