Lego Digital Marketing Agency Intro

The Ultimate LEGO® Digital Marketing Agency [INFOGRAPHIC]

The building blocks of digital marketing; Meet the Ultimate LEGO dream team


You wouldn’t build a house without the adequate foundations and in the same sense, any great digital marketing team should be comprised of super characters who have all departments covered.


We have a LEGO character to fit every need so that you build campaigns that never crumble!


When it comes to web design make sure to have everything covered from concept and planning to website protection. Stand out and dare to be different. Notable mention goes to Batman (and his batmobile)


The SEO team are the ones who think outside the box and here’s a little secret. One of them actually thinks they are a digital character, see if you can pick him. Notable mention: Buzz Lightyear (You know the catch phrase!)


Hello Marketing! This department has some colourful characters. Content creation, building a loyal following or securing those tricky sales deals, this department is one creative bunch. Notable mention goes to Santa Claus (And you thought he lived in the north pole!)


And last but not least, The Back office! Covering all the important background work that holds the agency together. Knowledge, organisation, legalities and an in house cheerleader are just some of the key players that make up this team. Our last notable mention goes to Robin Hood, shooting arrows that always hit the bullseye!


You can’t go wrong with the LEGO super troopers!


So without further adieu, let’s meet the dream team challenging the competition for the best results in digital marketing.


We’ve filled each of the essential roles for every department with the person we feel is best suited for the job. We’d love to hear your feedback and any suggestions for your own LEGO® Dream Team (@thewebsitegroup ← Click to Tweet Us)


The Ultimate Lego Digital Marketing Agency

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