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15 Ways to Know If Your Logo Is Any Good [Infographic]

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Over time a good logo will make you immediately recognize the brand it is portraying. In doing so we generally will be subconsciously made to buy that product due to its logos recognition.


Street signs and buildings are covered in them. Magazine and newspaper pages are full of them. When surfing the web you cannot avoid seeing company logos trying to catch your attention so that you click on their page. We are constantly bombarded by them but that is exactly their purpose.


When I was young I would quickly be asking my parents for a happy meal as we drove by the golden arches of McDonald’s or a stop in to Toys R Us after seeing the colourful sign in the distance. These days the brands are replaced by my favourite tech or clothing company but the unique, memorable logos have the same desired result.


Many brands have had that long drawn out process of designing and choosing an effective logo that reflects their company culture. It is a key part of marketing and building a successful brand that the consumer will easily recognize and be drawn to over the competitors.


Many factors come into play when designing the best logo for you, so time and consideration should be spent on the initial planning process. I’m sure some of your favourite big name brands didn’t decide on their perfect logo overnight.


Wondering if your logo is a keeper? To help you identify the determining factors of a great logo design we’ve shared the following infographic to run you through all the steps for a well-designed logo.


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logo design tips infographic

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