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21 Content Writing Secrets to Convert Leads [Infographic]

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Want to know the secrets to making your content stand out?


Author Andrew Davis once said “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue” Without content you have nothing. To put it bluntly, without content your company is not in business.


Content is what Google uses to determine where you’ll rank in its search engine. It influences how your audience views your brand and it’s what makes potential customers stop & engage instead of just scrolling past your post.


But not just any content will suffice. In fact, poor content can do more harm than good. To be honest, if the brand I’m considering purchasing from has a lazy approach to their online content – I’ll quickly run the other way. And I’m one of 2.5 billion worldwide that could do the same. That’s a lot of leads to lose!


If you take the time to research your buyer profiles and your target demographic, you’re halfway there. When you know exactly who you’re talking to, you’ll know exactly what to say.


Here are just a few ways to ensure your content stands out:


● Relevance: don’t sell ice to an Eskimo sort of thing!
● Keep it consistent: don’t fall off the face of the social media earth. Update daily!
● KISS: Sorry for the buzzword but it’s common because it’s true. Keep It Simple, Silly (sounds a little nicer than Stupid!)
● Stop your audience in their tracks with a catchy title, one that makes them curious to know more
● Include images and/or videos. Before users reach the wording they should see visuals


Continue on to the Infographic below for a more comprehensive look at 21 content writing secrets to convert leads online!


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Content Writing Secrets to Convert Leads Infographic

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  1. Lisa says:

    This is a great outline for writing, I will definitely implement these strategies and tips, very useful. Thank you!


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