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How to Create Perfect Tweets Every Time [Infographic]

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Twitter can be an amazing way to drive traffic to your website, however, you’ve only got 140 words to create a Tweet with and sometimes that hardly seems enough to get your message across. To help you out we’re sharing some useful tips to guide you on optimising the character limit. There are 5 key strategies to help you on your way to crafting great Tweets every time you post.


Let us run you through how to become that person, with the perfect Tweets.


Pictures will increase your engagement significantly, while there is only so much you can say with 140 characters, an image can tell so much more. Visually inspire your followers to like, retweet and mention you with the use of images.


Just be sure to keep the caption paired with your image short and sweet. Chances are they will pay more attention the image anyways so keep it simple. This has proven to be more effective.


The opposite goes for a Tweet without images. When not using a visual cue, really take the time to write something of value that will truly engage your followers. With so few characters it no surprise that keeping it toward the upper limit works better so aim for between 120 – 140 characters.


We know you may be tempted to use a Tweet to drive traffic to a destination on your website but just don’t. Doing this will increase your engagement. You can, however, use the Tweet to promote a link in your bio and ask people to visit it. Get creative but try to avoid including the actual link in your Tweet.


Don’t go crazy on them but do use hashtags. Hashtags will connect people interested in your topic to your Tweet, so it’s no surprise why they’re so great for increasing exposure.


Want to learn more? Keep reading as the below infographic was based on the research of 1 million different Tweets to determine what truly hits the spot!


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