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How to Create the Perfect Email [Infographic]

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You’ve put in all the hard work building your business and now it has paid off, you also have a solid base of followers and subscribers.


Congratulations! High fives all round!


Well, let’s not get too excited just yet though. We do have to keep these prospective clients engaged and do our best to convert their loyalty and interest into sales. First impressions last so when the time comes to sending off that first welcome email, and the many to follow, it’s good practice to spend the time planning it out correctly.


Catchy subject lines, a little dash of personalisation to make them feel loved, dynamic content that will blow them away and one that is generally well laid out with great fonts, images and videos all add up to that perfect email.


None of these single sentence, emoji filled ones you send off to your friends.


When they open this masterpiece it will immediately grab their attention and they will be visually blown away, engaged and eagerly awaiting the next one to pop up in their inbox.


It’s all tumbleweeds and crickets in that nasty folder they call spam and they will never see the likes of you. That is not where you would like to end up!


The pride you hold for your business should shine through in your email like a mother posting baby pics on Instagram.


Ultimately the goal of your email is for it to be user-friendly, engaging and point the reader in the direction of a call-to-action or sale.


Not quite sure where to start? That’s ok because today we are sharing a very detailed infographic with all the tips you need to start crafting your best email.


As always, please let us know your comments or any questions on Twitter (@thewebsitegroup ← Click to Tweet Us).

perfect email infographic

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