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The Incredible Influencer Marketing Movement [Infographic]

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Word of mouth has always been a very effective way of gaining referrals and influencer marketing is essentially a super version of this technique. Basically, it involves hiring an influential online personality to promote your product or service. They already have an active and engaged audience making it easy for your brand to capitalise on those opportunities.


The key to finding the perfect influencer is research. Find out what niche the influencer belongs to, ask for statistics on the previous campaigns and check out their account to see what type of engagement they receive.


Once you’ve locked in the right person – the benefits are very real. On average, for every dollar spent you can earn an amazing $7.65 – so it really isn’t rocket science to know that you need to start considering influencer marketing for your business!


What’s really interesting is the engagement rates per account depending on their followers. One might assume that the more followers you have the higher the engagement rate, however the below infographic shows that this isn’t necessarily true. Accounts with under 1000 followers proved to have an engagement rate of 8% trumping accounts of over 100,000 followers sitting at 1.5%.


Thinking about it that makes sense, larger accounts would struggle to keep up with all the comments they receive whereas a niche account will be able to respond and connect with their audience, which in turn builds a loyal following.


If you are relatively new to the concept of influencer marketing, we have shared the following infographic that highlights some outstanding statistics on this type of marketing!


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Influence Marketing Infographic

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