What is a social media influencer

What is a Social Media Influencer? [Infographic]

what is a social media influencer

Social Media Influencers explained.

Who are they? And what can they do for your business?


Move over celebrity endorsements, these days there is a new face of authority; The Social Media Influencer. They hold the power to persuade, the authority to influence and the backing of a large audience loyally following their every step.


This includes an array of personalities such as YouTube sensations, industry experts, bloggers and internet enthusiasts. Finding the right influencer for your niche is the most important aspect of influencer marketing, as their demographic needs to also be your target demographic.


Social media influencers hold validity in the industry which can boost your credibility. They have the capacity to become an influential voice for your brand.


So what exactly can a social media influencer do for your business? They can help your brand gain the respect and trust of their audience. An influencer has already done the hard yards growing and engaging their following – an advantage your brand can capitalise on (all for the right price or at the cost of some freebies of course).


According to Alistdaily, a whopping 71%  of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference. So you can understand why having a powerful source online can really help to boost profits.


Remember that not all influencers are created equal. You really want to collaborate with a personality who fits within your brand beliefs, has a flare for creativity and shares the same passions as you do.
If you’re new to this concept, the following infographic created by Izea will shed some light on what makes a great social media influencer.


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what is a social media influencer
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