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How to Save Money Using Social Media [Infographic]

Save Money with Social Media Introduction



Bargain hunters unite – we know you love a great deal and we know exactly where you can find them!


You browse the internet daily and sometimes for hours (come on don’t lie we know you do!) so why not put that browsing to good use.


Brands regularly promote their new product launches by offering samples, coupons and deals that are shared online. So why pay full price when it’s so easy to hunt down these bargains, did we mention that it’s free to do!


Did you know that by simply typing into Twitter the hashtag symbol followed by what deal you are after, will bring up an array of deals related to the product you’re searching for? The below Infographic details this very tip!


But it doesn’t end there. There are a vast number of Bloggers dedicating their time to finding the best deals for you. Next time you’re looking for a special just ask Google and you will find a database of bargains to keep you busy for days!


Social media is a growing platform for businesses to market their brands and ever so naturally, as you would have found with traditional marketing methods, samples, giveaways and freebies go hand in hand with any great marketing campaign.


It’s amazing what you can find just by looking. Next time you’re online follow the below handy tips to save a little money or score yourself a cool freebie.


If you have any secret tips to share with us don’t keep them to yourself! Comment below, we’d love to know what your last online bargain was!


As always, please let us know your comments or any questions on Twitter (@thewebsitegroup ← Click to Tweet Us).

Save Money with Social Media Infographic

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