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Here’s How Google Is Watching You [Infographic]

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Do you ever get that eerie feeling that you are being watched? You’re going about your daily business but then suddenly stop to look over your shoulder or you pick up the pace and hurry home. Was someone really following you or was it just a figment of your imagination?


Well… someone is watching you and taking down some of your personal data while you are going about your daily business online. That someone is Google and whether you care or not they are using their systems to gather all that juicy information about who you are, what you do and how you use their programs.


Google is one of the major leaders in the online game these days and when making over $67 billion in annual advertising revenue, it’s no wonder why they can’t get enough of you and your online habits.


Your personal information library grows more every time that you use their products and services whether it be web browsing, emails, apps or just using your precious smartphone.


Google can even access your pictures and videos to determine exactly where you are using GPS.


Sounds pretty scary but some people couldn’t care less and believe this information is harmless to them. Others may think differently.
If this is creeping you out and you just have to know more then read on as we’ve shared an infographic that tells you exactly who Google has its eyes on.


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Google is Watching You Infographic

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