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30 Tips to Build Your Personal Brand in 2017 [Infographic]

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Building a brand consists of finding your identity and communicating a message to your target audience, but it can be difficult understanding exactly how to do this.


That’s why we’re here to help!


Today we are sharing a comprehensive infographic with 30 tips to build your personal brand and it begins with just that – getting personal. Show your true colours online and you will not only become relatable but customers will learn to trust you.


Everyone is different, so what makes you – you? What is the uniqueness of your character? Find your differences and leverage that to stand out above the rest.


Humans are very visual creatures, and if you’re going to catch their attention make sure you do so with creative and eye-catching visuals. As per the previous point – make sure to stand out. Be bold and try something different no else has before.


Fake it ’till you make is a great saying for certain occasions, but not when it comes to how you represent yourself online. Don’t try to be the most liked by any means necessary, just be honest and the rest will follow.


Nothing builds the identity of a brand quicker than personalisation. Next time you’re pondering your next creative post, why not share something personal. Or better yet, go live on Instagram stories and share some behind the scenes footage!


You can be the jack of all trades or the master of one and when it comes to all things branding, we recommend mastering your expertise. All good things come in due time so set out a timeline with goals and tackle each of them one by one.


Building your brand can seem like a confusing puzzle but with the 30 tips we are sharing with you today, your perfect brand is just a few steps away.


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