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How to Double Your Twitter Followers [Infographic]

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Maybe if you’re walking down the street on a dark night that feeling that you’re being followed can really creep you out but for your business on social media getting as many people to follow you is the main goal. Looking over your shoulder to see your followers grow will actually put a smile on your face.


With more than 500 million users Twitter is one of the top social media platforms around today and can be an extremely effective tool for marketing!


To engage with these users and direct them towards your profile can be as easy as spending 5 minutes a day doing a few simple steps.


Spend time on your profile. The more interesting and up to date it is the more likely it will be to get that follow.


Tweet like the birds in Spring! Tweeting more frequently will always generate more followers. Tread carefully though as inappropriate posts can also turn them away. Everyone loves the sounds of a songbird but the obnoxious rooster at the crack of dawn can really be annoying. Make sure your Tweets are optimised to increase user engagement!


Don’t be shy, join in other Twitter chats, especially if they are on topics within your target industry.


People have a passion for their interests and so should you. Let them know it by keeping them engaged by giving them the information and inspiration they are after. People will get a real buzz by learning something new about their key interest, from you!


Want to double your Twitter followers? We already know the answer, and to help you do just that here’s an infographic to help you do just that.


Have any secrets of your own? Share them with us below.


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double your twitter followers infographic

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