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How to Market to Millennials in 2017 [Infographic]

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The world’s population is a diverse bunch. Whether you were born to the sound of Elvis Presley doing the ‘Jailhouse Rock’ or with ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson, we all have our different values and capabilities.


When it comes to marketing to each generation, a specific strategy and plan of attack is always going to be needed to really get their attention. For example, my grandmother has no idea how to use a smartphone, so there’s no point in marketing to her through it!


For now, let’s look at the millennials.


Aged between 18 and 29 years these guys are up to date with everything digital and tech.


They are the generation with the most ownership of smartphones and are always checking in on Facebook and sharing their life on Instagram. It’s a good idea to target this persona by engaging with them through a strong social media presence.


Lap up those ‘likes’, ‘follows’ and ‘shares’.


They spend less time reading the paper or flicking through magazines so don’t go overboard with these media types.


Think what the young adults of this day want to spend their cash on. Socialising and looking good around their peers is at the top of the list. Appealing to their egos will get you noticed.


For example, you probably won’t find an 18-year-old looking for the best health care services.


Whatever strategy you choose, all your social media marketing campaigns need to be mobile optimised for maximum reach. Cross check all your campaigns, blog post and website pages for easy usability on mobile devices.


The following infographic will really shed some light on how best to strategically market to Millennials. Tapping into the psychology behind successfully marketing to millennials it covers everything you need to know about this demographic.


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market to millennials infographic

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